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Our Mission

Our Mission


Our mission is to educate and simplify our customers choices in purchasing nutritional supplements. We are committed to offering nutritional products that are safe,pure, label accurate, and cost effective


Our Lowell Metabolic pledge is to provide a safe,practical, affordable, bio-available, pure homeopathic line of nutritionals for individuals who strive to achieve optimum wellness. We believe the Lowell Metabolic products can improve your health and wellness when combined with a healthy lifestyle and conventional treatments as indicated.


Bruce Lowell MD and Diane Lowell RN founded the "Lowell Health and Longevity Center" twenty years ago with the goal to provide our patients with lifestyle tools and treatments needed to a achieve optimum wellness.

We all know that our modern, quick paced lifestyle has a negative impact on our health and wellness . The magic “pill”, “supplement”, “diet plan”, “quick fix” or procedure to correct a “toxic lifestyle” does not exist! Achnowledging the American diet (Sick American Diet) is void of necessary nutrients, we sought out safe “alternative” homeopathic products that foster health without negatively impacting conventional medical treatments.

The media onslaught decrying ill effects of medications has resulted in an increase consumption of homeopathics. This dilemma has led to hesitation in taking prescribed medications, but willingness to consumme supplements of varying quality, and purity. How do we resolve this dilemma?

We realized as health care professionals that it was imperative to become knowledgable on the benefits and risks of homeopathics,and their impact on prescribed medications. Accordingly, we developed a simple, practical,safe, affordable approach to nutritional supplementation based on this premiss. Our patients’ success, compliance, and enthusiasm for our Lowell Metabolic product line approach has incentivized us to offer products to the general public. We hope you will share our enthusiasm!

"Healthy is not being sick, whereas, "Wellness" is optimum health" Bruce Lowell M.D.

Bruce Lowell MD

Diane Lowell RN

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