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About Lowell Metabolics Health & Longevity Center

Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Medical Weight Loss, Wellness.

Lowell Metabolics Health and Longevity Center was founded over twenty years ago by Bruce Lowell M.D. and Diane Lowell RN to educate and address the nutritional and lifestyle needs of our patients. Expertise and real experience in Internal medicine, geriatrics, anti -aging and high risk obesity has given us firsthand insight and “practical” knowledge in addressing the struggles facing men and women in achieving their optimum wellness.

Modern lifestyle has mitigated diet and activity changes that have had a negative impact on the health of many Americans. The magic “pill”, “supplement”, “diet plan”, “quick fix” or procedure to replace a “toxic lifestyle” does not exist! We realized that the nutrition for many patients (Sick American Diet) was void or did not provide the necessary nutrients necessary to optimize wellness. We also understood that our patients desire for safe “alternative” treatments and supplements can have a positive health effect when taken correctly and combined with conventional modern medical treatments.

Although, homeopathic “alternative” medicine has been available for thousands of years and “pharmaceuticals” have only gained wide use after World War Two, we refer to the "homeopathic" as the “alternative”.

The public onslaught of media education addressing the problems with modern pharmaceuticals has resulted in increasing use of less toxic homeopathic and herbals. Daily reports decrying health risk and benefits, allopathic and homeopathic, in our magazines, newspapers, internet searches and television health segments all add to a confusing healthcare environment for both patients and professionals. Patients hesitate to take a prescribed pharmaceutical but will come into the office with as many as thirty bottles of supplements, including the supplement of the day, varying quality, purity, and potential harmful combination or conflicts with their prescribed medications or each other. How do they take them all in one day?

The public bombardment of these miracle self-administered, poorly regulated products concerned us, but also gave us impetus to explore homeopathic medicine. We became educated utilizing consultants, conferences,self education, and experience. Over the last fifteen we developed a simple, practical, affordable guided approach to supplement use. Our patients’ success , compliance, and support of our Lowell Metabolic product line encouraged us to offer our products to non-patient consumers.

Our Lowell Metabolic pledge to our patients and non-patient consumers is to provide a simple, realistic, practical, affordable, bio-available, pure and safe homeopathic line of products to enhance their wellness. We believe the Lowell Metabolic products can improve overall health and wellness when implemented with a healthy lifestyle and indicated conventional pharmaceutical therapy and treatments.

Bruce Lowell MD
Diane Lowell RN

1000 Northern Blvd

Great Neck, NY 11021 

TEL: 516 482 0091


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