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Blood sugar - Women & Men's Hormonal Support

Blood sugar - Women & Men's Hormonal Support

Thyroid,Adrenal Glands,Ovaries,Testes, Pituitary and other hormonal producing glands hormonal production decline with age

Multiple anti-aging therapies are based on the foundation that preserving glandular function is key to vitality.

The herbal approach is to support these organs (adaptogens) with natural occuring substances.

There are no FDA studies showing the benefits of these supplements, and they are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.

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  1. Berberine

    LOWELL METABOLICS BERBERINE a detox and gut cleanse to help remove “gut” toxins benefitting overall health and wellness. Berberine has metabolic properties beneficial for blood sugar control,immune response,heart function, and intestinal health.

    90 Tablets

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  2. Bergamot

    Non Statin Cholesterol Lowering

    Lowers LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and raises HDL (Healthy Cholesterol levels)

    Studies have shown effectivieness equal to statin mediaction without effects on the liver or Co Enzyme Q 10 levels

    No effect on Muscles, thus no muscle soreness or weakness

    Supports blood sugar and aides with weight loss

    Dose 2 capsule daily with food (1000mg)

    1 bottle contain 60 capsules

    Bergamot is a nutrtional product, it is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. The statements are not supported by Food and Drug Administation studies. Bergamot use is not meant to be substitute for proven cholesterol lowering medication, and its use shoud be discussed with your health care provider. Learn More

  3. Stress & Energy Formula
    • For people who find themselves "Stressed & Tired"
    • Strengthens body's stress and fatigue responses with a strong comprehensive formula
    • Supports mental clarity and overall emotional wellness
    • Includes adrenal concentrate for glandular support and providing concentrated nutrients
    • Lowell Metabolics uses only highly bioavailable raw materials in our premium products.

    60 Capsule

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  4. Tumeric & Herbals
    • Comprehensive blend of phytonutrients providing inflammation protection
    • Inhibits the synthesis of compounds involved in pain and inflammation
    • Protects the body from oxidative stress
    • Supports urinary tract function
    • Lowell Metabolics uses only highly bioavailable raw materials in our premium products.

    90 capsules

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  5. Wellness Multivitamin

    Wellness Multivitamin: Complete multiple with minerals. Very mild on the gastro intestinal tract.

    Perfect for people who are on multiple "other" supplements or prescribed medications.

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