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"ME" Herbal Weight Management Bundle

"ME"  Herbal Weight Management  Bundle


Advantages:A natural hebal support for your weight loss/mangement regimen when combined with diet and exercise.

Cost saving when purchased as bundle.

Supports fat cell metabolism

Modulates Gut-Brain signalling to reduce craving and appetite

Improves negative mood changes related to dieting.

Fat burn and Lean Muscle Support

Enhance weight loss by Increasing thermogenesis and metabolism.

An integral component of the Lowell "ME" Weight Loss System.

. Plan rationale:Rapid weight loss achieved with caloric reduction and metabolic enhancement (approximately 1200 - 1800 Calories per day) utilizing High protein,Low carbohydrate,Low fat meal replacement shakes with low a caloric food plan enhanced with essential vitamins,minerals and herbals.

Lowell "ME: enclosed with order)

There are no FDA studies showing the benefits of these supplements, and they are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.

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