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Intestinal Glutamine

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Intestinal Glutamine

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  • 30 scoops of chocolate flavored powder to be mixed in with a drink of choice

  • Promotes health and barrier function in the digestive tract

  • Maximizes the absorption of dietary nutrients and promotes overall gut health

  • Glutamine enhances the repair of muscle along with promoting muscle growth

  • Lowell Metabolics uses only highly bioavailable raw materials in our premium products.

30 Scoops



Lowell Metabolics Intestinal Glutamine provides 30 servings of a chocolate flavored powder that promotes gastrointestinal health by improving the gut “microbiome”. The Intestinal Glutamine nutrient profile supports the digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients as well as ridding the body of unwanted toxins that can pass directly into the body (Dysbiosis or leaky gut). Glutamine is an amino acid often found in skeletal muscle. It promotes an acid-base pH balance in the body and increases the body’s nitrogen supply which is important for synthesizing proteins. Glutamine creates nucleotides, amino sugars and many other nutrients necessary for cellular function. Additionally, glutamine enhances normal repair and regeneration of the mucosal lining as well as providing the energy needed for muscle repair and growth. Deglycyrrhized licorice root extract is included for its multiple uses in aiding digestive system problems such as stomach ulcer, heartburn, and colic as well as stomach inflammation. N-acetyl D-glucosamine increases mucus production in the GI tract which protects the stomach wall from acid and enzyme damage. Zinc is also included to strengthen the tight junctions in the GI barrier.

Lowell Metabolics ensures the therapeutic potency and efficacy of this product. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

30 Scoops


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